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Maserati - ‘Scolpire Nel Tempo’ DC
Maserati - ‘Scolpire Nel Tempo’ DC
Engines... I have to said that I was (and I am) not an expert of this world, before starting this project, engines were just an annoying sound I almost never tried to focus in or study in my daylife. The moment I most enjoyed when I ride my motorbike is when in a downhill I press clutch and I can listen the wind. So trying to bring beauty and pleasure feelings with this sounds as the main character was something challenging. 

All this changed, once I start studying Maserati motor sounds, not only the purist approach that I used in the client version, where I tried to match car sounds with the proper car engine and the actions involved, but for Dc I choose to take the pragmatic path, this mean understanding the feeling of the driver, or the person that turns the head to check a super car, and bring that with sound, I processed this engines/exhaust sounds to express a colour that probably does not exist in reality, but I think its closer to the real feeling.

This idea comes from a constant in my work. 
"Almost always using the real sound does not brings us the feeling of an idealized experience, and disconnect us from what we are seeing in the screen"

About the Audio Logo, there are only 3 main elements: the sound of a bullet shell, for obvious reasons.
A standard deep hit that fits with the logo stop.
And then I was listening non stop "Exhaust Sound Compilation" and the work was finding something similar to the silky but deep growl that comes from the inside of these beasts.

DOP Matias Penachino 
Art Director Pol Agustí 
Edit João Teixeira 
Sound Design Aimar Molero 
Postproduction Bliss, Kruman 
VO Script Niccolò Massariello, Leti Sala 
Produced by Marga Sarda 
Executive producer Oscar 
Romagosa CANADA

Maserati - ‘Scolpire Nel Tempo’ DC


Maserati - ‘Scolpire Nel Tempo’ DC


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