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Exhibition Photoshoot – Tết Ánh Dương

Early this year, I have the chance to work with Đàn Đó on taking photographs for their exhibition named Tet Anh Duong, organized by Sunshine Group on the occasion of celebrating New Year of the Ox 2021. 

Using the image of the buffalo, mõ trâu (a log of wood or bamboo attaches to the buffalo’s neck that makes a sound when it moves), and golden bell from the Golden buffalo folktale as key, the group of music & visual artists has created a creative art space with 1.000 buffalo artworks, bring a whole new exhibition experience for visitors.
Buffalo artworks recreated from the popular Vietnamese folk game.
This 3.000m2 exhibition is divided into 3 main spaces with different stories but together creating a meaningful circuit throughout, deeply expressing a positive message for a prosperous year. 

Besides, visitors can also participate in various interactive from-folk-to-modern activities. By joining these activities will take people to change the inherent habit of simply “seeing” to “experiencing” an art show.

**Đàn Đó: Being well-known by the famous My village show (Làng tôi), Đàn Đó is a group of 5 artists who have a passion for exploring, researching, and developing a musical instrument made out of bamboo – a natural material using in music as well as life in Southeast Asian countries. They combine bamboo instruments with body motions and movements to create interesting artistic stages.

Working with light is going to be your biggest concern when shooting outdoors.
Shooting an outdoor space (Outdoor photography) is often affected by many factors like weather, lighting, …  For an open exhibition with hung artworks from the ceiling like this one, including the impact of the wind, it is difficult to use the normal exposure technique to achieve the desired effect.

And keeping the balance between ambient lighting and light sources from the artworks is also very difficult, as the exhibition space using dim light for ambient lighting to assure the artworks to be stand out.

The best solution is to combine exposure and use a slow shutter speed in order to capture ambient light. At the same time, using high shutter speed to capture the artworks separately to ensure the images are sharp and not be overexposed.

Last but not least, combining all the above elements to create a complete and good quality photo in post-production.
Project: Exhibition Photography (MICE/Events)
Client: Sunshine Group
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Exhibition Photoshoot – Tết Ánh Dương


Exhibition Photoshoot – Tết Ánh Dương