Tomek Pilarski, an animation student at Poznań Academy of Fine Arts (Poland), contacted me for an artistic collaboration. He asked me to compose music and sound effects for his animation "ESC". As a way for me to keep improving my music and sound design skills I accepted this challenge! I'm proud to share with you the final project.


1st. Compose music (at my piano);
2nd. Record sounds for the washing machine, clock and doors (with my RODE NT5);
3rd. Search for other sounds in the Sound Bible FX (by Ric Viers). 
4th. Design the sound of the "washing bip" with ES1 (Logic Pro9 Synthesizer);
5th. Mix and balance all the sounds. :)
> Recording the washing machine
> Design a sound for the washing machine alarm (ES1)
> Recording the sound of a door
A special "thank-you"...
... to Jorge Costa for being so supportive on my sound projects! ;)