Today, each device has revolutions by new technologies or new user experiences, like mobile phone, PC, or TV… Unfortunately Walkie-talkie keeps the same thing for a few years.
I would like work at this "old" device in order to give it a new life, and create a new product identity, simplify the present user experience. Lucky, I have this masterclass with SONY to realize my idea.
TALKY uses the same technic radio to send the voice. The antenna is integrated in the frame. Thanks to the touch screen, TALKY don't have many buttons. The screen is always off to save the battery. When we need to change the channel or check the informations, we wake up the screen with the button.
The product target is the backpacker who has always many equipments on the body. They need a compact and resistant device and a simple way to find it. The closing with the spring allows us to hang it every where with safety.