Wall Street Journal's Celebrity Hedcuts
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    Hedcut is a term referring to a style of drawing, used exclusively by staff artists at The Wall Street Journal. We use the stipple method of many… Read More
    Hedcut is a term referring to a style of drawing, used exclusively by staff artists at The Wall Street Journal. We use the stipple method of many small dots combined with a hatching method of thin lines to create an image. This technique is designed to emulate the look of woodcuts from old-style newspapers, and engravings seen on certificates and currency. It is drawn by hand using pen and ink. Hedcuts are never computer generated. The phonetic spelling of "hed" is based on newspapers' use of the term hed for "headline." Read Less

Part of my job at the Wall Street Journal is training new illustrators in the hedcut technique. It has been developed at the paper and kept alive by only a handful of us who had a privilege of learning the tricks of the trade. Mastering the hedcut technique is just one aspect of this illustration style. Capturing the likeness of the subject is ultimately more important, which is best shown with celebrity portraits.
Most of my portraits are done as spot illustration accompanying newspaper articles or as requested by my clients for various projects. I usually don't pick my subjects and I'm given clear rights or permission for use of reference photographs I base my portraits on.
Michael Douglas
Janis Joplin
Alan Greenspan
Penn and Teller
Alicia Keys                                                                                                Kenneth Cole
Cynthia McFadden                                                                     Arianna Huffington
President  Barack Obama
Pink Eyes
Top row: Steve Jobs, Kelly Ripa, Hamid Karzai        Bottom row: Sting, Rupert Murdoch, Hilary Clinton
Tommy Hilfiger                                                                                     David Lynch
Cynthia Rowley                                                                      Salvatore Ferragamo
Christiane Amanpour                                                                                     Lesley Stahl
John Leguizamo
Benicio del Toro
Top row: Susan Sarandon, Johan Santana, Petra Nemcova        Bottom row: Alec Baldwin, Russell Simmons, Mary J. Blige
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Cindy Crawford                                                                             Karl Lagerfeld
Top row: Jon Huntsman, Larry Page, Daryl Hannah                  Bottom row: Conan O'Brien, Michael Bloomberg, Bill Maher
Grumpy Cat, real name Tardar Sauce
Bear Grylls                                                                                            John Waters
Mindy Kaling                                                                                Christopher Guest
Miss Piggy
Adam Savage                                                                   Hugh Hefner