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45 by Director Hotel | Elegantly Bold

45 by director is a boutique hotel located in Las Condes, Chile. In 2018 it completely remodeled its facade and for its relaunch we created the new brand identity. For the concept we thought of a hook between the audience and the characteristics of the hotel. From that relationship Elegantly Bold. 
was born.

Analyzing the tourism industry and looking for a differential, Elegantly Bold emerged as a modern, provocative and bold concept that encourages hotel guests to challenge their own limits and dare to live an elegantly bold experience during their stay.

The communication and creative strategy of the entire campaign aimed to make the concept be experienced at all times, for example in the 5-minute commercial video with Chilean Influencers that we scripted, filmed and edited to promote the hotel. This video is a visual-storytelling about the experiences guests live during their stay and the sophisticated, yet daring, details of the place.

Reinforcing the concept in the smallest details is key to delivering a 360 experience. From the hotel signage, the cup holders with "Ready to get wet" phrases, the souvenirs to a rubber ducky so no one can bathe alone have become essential to create a differential and unique atmosphere of 45 by director.

"That the guest lives a unique experience, every time he comes to 45. That he considers us every time he looks for exceptional experiences, distinguished service and a touch of surprise in every stay."

45 by Director Hotel | Elegantly Bold