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Creating Better World - Short Animation

Client: ClearVoice
Category: 2D Animation, Motion Design, Illustration

Story – Message: The mission at ClearVoice is to help brands create better content. Because we believe in helping people better engage with one another is the path to creating a better world.

Concept: Marketing executives are always in need for creative content, and the best concept to share this information, is to show the message within exceptional content. The video, in line with visual ClearVoice brand guidelines and creative representations, shows informative examples of what can be done within motion design. Because ClearVoice creates content for brands, they are always in need for high-quality motion graphics to showcase the wonderful freelance ClearVoice talent.

Mood: Friendly, Nature, Bagpack, Colourful, Textures, Light & Shadow, Adventure, Informative, Diverse,  Technology, Space, Content.​​​​​​​
Square Version
Studio: BEWYRD
Concept: Marcel Sterk
Art Direction: Marcel Sterk
Illustration: Kelly Tan
Motion Design: Aliaksandr Lesko

Portrait version
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Creating Better World - Short Animation

Creating Better World - Short Animation