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    Promotional Magazine for The Leighton, property development by Brookfield Multiplex in Western Australia
The Leighton Magazine
Perth, Western Australia, is rolling in new money. And in luxury new homes to spend it on. That’s why The Leighton development needed to stand out, as a ‘signature’ offering – one that would not only offer residents an absolute beachfront home, but also give them the lifestyle to go along with it. The challenge was to find a way to present this seriously high-end stock in a way that would best appeal to a newly cashed-up clientele.
The solution was to keep things simple & beautiful. The brochure/magazine features sensual full-page images of nature, textures, people, places and colour to capture the richness and diversity of the location. This is supported by editorial-style copy expressed through striking typography and type embellishments. However, it’s the unique illustrations that elevate this piece above your typical property brochure. Images of fish, bicycles, crabs, lifesavers and more capture the simple pleasures of beachfront living. And nothing says ‘this isn’t your standard development’ like a drawing of the rainbow serpent.
Completed at Associate with Christine Fough
Creative Director: Amy Nadaskay
Designer: Joao Peres