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LEMEAL decor Vol.1

Last year we posted our project Sonora Art Village and some people were saying that they'd love to have our houses models in their home. At that time we were already thinking about creating home decor based on our Sonoran projects designs. 
We stopped on the idea of lamps which are sculptures at the same time. Firstly we of course  created everything in 3D, we wanted to make sure that they'll look good in interiors. And then we started our experiments. It took us time to find correct technology but we did it! We created fully monolith lamps with LED inside of it and with micro usb input so the lamp will be sculpture, the cable won't spoil the beauty. We don't print our lamps on 3d-printer! Our lamps are totally handmade,we spend lot time on creating every lamp to make them look perfect.
We started with bright colours like our Sonora Art Village. First ones were pink,yellow and blue.
                        Then we added more pastel colours and earthy, nude palette.
Our lamps can look great in absolutely differently styled interiors. They will add charm and style to interior.
                                               Here are some photos of our lamps.
We worked really hard and now we created the whole collection of lamps with different color palette. 
That's how LEMEAL decor started! 
Now everyone can order the lamp that likes the most!
                                                          Thanks for watching!
LEMEAL decor Vol.1