GaTech Mobile Event App (GtEvents)
Social Campus Event Mobile Web App
GtEvents is an application to help people discover events in Georgia Tech. We aggregate information from various sources, mainly from school website and Facebook. The application also can filter out popular events on campus and tailor event recommendation for each app user.
This project is part of the campus mobile app platform (GtMob) and is a class project in CS4803 in Spring 2011 at Georgia Institute of Technology.

GtEvents uses jQuery Mobile as front-end and Node.js as back-end. The fast and efficient Node.js back-end is responsible for aggregating events from Georgia Tech events page (using YQL) and from Facebook (using Facebook Graph API). Users can log-in to the server using Facebook Connect and can see which events their friends are attending. The front-end implements an offline storage mechanism so that each AJAX response is cached for offline use. The AJAX request is also queued up so that it can sync back to the server when online.