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    I was tired of the cannibal tendency on food restaurant logos.

On 2011 I had to urgently redesign this brand. It's a local chain of restaurants that serve roasted chicken, located in Obregon, Mexico (northwest part of the country). I was very tired of the typical happy cannibal chickens cooking their friends...so we decided to take advantage of the name and make something more symbolic.

I designed a full printed Identity Manual with the needed guidelines to reproduce the logo perfectly.
After a few months I updated some aspects of the brand, I designed a couple of infographics to motivate and help employees with their daily routine.

Fall 2011

This is an image used for advertising in yellow pages, but then adapted for a leaflet and magnet.
Final print was a lot darker but still looks excellent.
I am currently helping the brand to build its presence using social media. October 2013.
The 5 Infographics are now in the 4 store locations.