An apple a day keeps the doctor away

The challenge

Bringing the digital presence of Alma Pharmacies from the last decade to 2020 by building a comprehensive digital system from the ground up.

Our solution

We introduced new features, and refined some of the already extant ones. A pharmacy finder, a magazine and a disease lexicon, a platform to showcase the latest discounts and campaigns of the chain.

Understanding & Analysis

Competitors, best practices

We collected the best practices of Hungarian and international pharmacies.

Wireframes, Prototypes

The initial idea was to keep the development process closed for public. We validated our solutions with closed focus groups and the stakeholders during the design process. Every branch of the project had it's owner: the magazine was developed with the content editors, the lexicon was developed collaboratively with healthcare specialists and so on. During the process we kept all wireframes on a very low-fidelity so we can iterate fast.

Visuals & Interface design

Refining the brand

Alma Pharmacies is a well-established brand in Hungary. We only made small touches on the overall appearance of the company to suit better for the digital age. We introduced new typefaces, refreshed the color palette, and layed down the fundamentals of stock image usage. The logo and the look and feel of the brand remained untouched.

UI fundamentals

The main issue with the old website was poor usability on any device but desktop. We built the components and assets with a mobile first approach. We color-coded functions, so visitors will instantly recognize where they are.

Easier navigation

We restructured the navigation elements on the website. Not only the main navigations were eased out, but we introduced emphasized navigation elements that are fixed on endpages for easier navigation. The website suggests related categories on endpages, in order to make browsing smoother.

Hell of a map

We developed an advanced pharmacy finder map tool to make it quick and easy to find not only the nearest pharmacies, but to search in all of the pharmacies in Hungary.

Kudos from Alma Pharmacies

We wanted to carry our digital presence to the 2020's with a new website serving and engaging our customers with more informations and entertainment. Melkweg helped us achieve just that and even more with their fast-iterating approach and broad technological expertise.

Szabolcs Bárdossy, Managing Director @Alma Pharmacies

Art director — Zoltán Beke 
UX research and design — Bence Horváth
Lead designer — Dániel Pucz 
Designer – Beatrix Bodó 
Development — Péter Incze, Gábor Stefán 
Project management — László Gergely

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