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    This project contains all of my favorite shots of nature over the changing seasons in Iowa.
Over the seasons, as nature changes, it presents many wonderful new images. Each day is different from the last.
Light cascading through leaves and petals is always exceptional. The glow the sun creates gives the ordinary an extraordinary feel.
I almost like this picture better in black and white. The veins of the leaves are suddenly striking. I think black and white gives the picture a new level of interest.
Colorful flowers pop in the excitement of summer and are too gorgeous to walk by without taking a few shots.
Black and white photographs of flowers have always intrigued me. When the color is erased, the real beauty in the shape of the flower is striking.
The hoar-frost comes only once or twice a year in Iowa, coating everything in miniature icicles. There is hardly a photographer who will not be out on those days.
Growing along the wall of my childhood home, tulips are a favorite flower in any garden. Their commonality does not lessen their beauty.
The sky is part of our world no matter where or when we live, yet it changes so much every day that photographers still have a subject in the clouds.
A native of Iowa, corn surrounds me every year yet always provides interesting and unique visuals at each turn.
Color selected photographs of flowers have always fascinated me. The color explodes in the image when only certain pieces are highlighted.
The bark on this tree curls in such beautiful shapes.