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    Editorial design for the "Eme magazine" | Client: Politecnic University of Valencia, España
EDITORIAL DESIGN for "Eme magazine" | Politecnic University of Valencia, España.
Eme, is a research journal published annually of the Master in Design and Illustration that is taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts (UPV), centered in the field of illustration and design whose primary objective is to provide a space for reflection on their role in society, its historical development and its relationship with other disciplines.

The priority for "Eme magazine" is the experimentation at a editorial level. We generated a proposal of the covers under the concept of "pattern". The design and composition for the article "Bella all year" by Raquel Pelta, working in the service of reading, detail posters, blocks of color and ornamental typefaces game.
Covers in collaboration with Jorge Lewis, Madalina Tantareanu, Gonzalo Gironés, Nicola D'Emma.