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Didier Smeets Chocolatier

Didier Smeets Chocolatier is a chocolate brand and factory created by the young award-wining Didier Smeets. We used to create several things for him as we designed his logotype back in 2013 and his first packagings.
Nowadays, his brand and factory turned from a home shop to a huge and beautiful building located in the countryside of Belgium.
Thanks to our particular relationship, we developed many collaterals and packagings for his main brand : Didier Smeets Chocolatier. Here are some of them.

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- Identity
- Collaterals
- Strategy
- Direction
- Packagings
- Photography
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More and more, we imagine responsible packagings as this glass bottle of granola witch people can bring back to be re-used.
In 2019, we renewed his chocolate bars designs deeply. As Didier Smeets developed the "bean-to-bar" concept (creating his very own chocolate with imported cocoa beans), we changed the bars design and the packagings.
The concept : foreign tastes, local production.
The design of the chocolate bar is based on the topography of the area surrounding the chocolate factory. The features have been faithfully reproduced for an authentic local anchoring.
- The packaging designs are based on the folklore of the countries of origin of cocoa. The patterns and colors are inspired by the typical costumes, by the landscapes and the local flora. The slogans indicated are messages typical of the countries, signifying welcome or celebration.
Local television came to interview Didier Smeets and I about the new chocolate bars designs. We reached a really good visibility and feedbacks from people.
These packagings are a collaboration with Belgian brewery "Peak Beer" as we often create collaborative products.
Identity, design & strategy : Christophe Lonneux, Nomade
Direction : Christophe Lonneux, Nomade
Studio photography : Benoît Franchimont, La Station
Other photography : Christophe Lonneux, Nomade

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Didier Smeets Chocolatier

Didier Smeets Chocolatier