Asfalt Coffee & Vinyl

Asfalt Coffee & Vinyl

We originally designed the Asfalt Coffee & Vinyl brand identity for the cafe and vinyl shop based in Warsaw, Poland. Since then, the identity expanded, but here, we show the original design.

Asfalt Coffee & Vinyl is a part of and Asfalt Records family. It is a music-focused place where not only vinyls are sold, but also event with the artists are organised. It's a place for the music-loving community.​​​​​​​


A big part of Asfalt's brand identity is based around the logo, but also features a dark rose-shade, which is used throughout the brand materials and the interior.

Illustrations are were a perfect addition to the brand identity. The main one was used on the menu, while additional ones were used in the pin's designs, as well as on tote bags.

The cafe interior was am important part of the brand and through the interior the rose-pink color was added to the visual identity. Our task was to design the window graphic, the neon, while other brand design elements like cups and menus complemented the interior.


Brand design & Direction: Kuba 'Enzo' Rutkowski
Illustration: Jarek Danilenko
Interior photos: PION
Asfalt Coffee & Vinyl