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    Skateistan Annual Report
I was directed to create an annual report for a non-profit organization of my choosing. Since I am a keen skateboarder at heart, I discovered that there was actually an organization located in Afghanistan that allows kids and young teens to get away from their war-torn economy and learn how to do something fun and athletic.
"Through skateboarding I started dreaming again. Knowing that I can do something well and having teachers that support me helped me to believe in myself."

Madina, 14, Skateistan student and peer instructor
You can donate money and find more about the non-profit organization by clicking this link: http://skateistan.org/
Here is the documentary on Skateistan
Below are some of the mood boards and posters of found images to create inspiration for the project. Most images are actual pictures taken of the students and children who are part of the program.
Below is the a few pictures of the project produced. Not every picture is provided due to space.
The cover is made from actual skateboard grip-tape, and the book is bound in-between the tape. In hand, it looks almost like you're giving someone a care-package of griptape that's being shown as an annual report.
Overall class opinions were that this was one of the better report projects shown.
The binding and cover of the report are created by actual griptape from skateboards.
Thank you for looking!
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