Attiq invites you to the bathroom in New Normal.

Attiq dehumidifies the space before users enter the bathroom, making the bathroom dry.

Attiq keeps a variety of items that can be used in the bathroom safe from moisture. 

The bumps on the shelves keep all the underside of the stuff from contacting the water. 
Also, the wind outlet between bumps protects the floor from moisture.

Customize the size of the Attiq shelf compartment according to family members or user habits.

The space of Attiq is divided into daily zone, moment zone, habit zone for your habits. It is placed at the top in the order in which it is most frequently used to induce natural behavior by users. Like this, Attiq perfectly adapts to all your habits.

Daily Zone
The Daily Zone at the top contains items that users use every day, such as toothbrushes and razors. Since it contains items that are used every day, it is placed in the area where the user's hand can most easily reach with an easy opening and closing method.

Moment Zone
It doesn't have to be stored for a long time, but you can keep things like a cell phone, change of clothes, headset and more.

Habit Zone
There is a Habit Zone at the bottom of the product. The Habit Zone helps to store items that are difficult to store in the bathroom or items that are not appropriate due to your original outdoor habit.