New School Recordings
Art and Creative Direction
New School Recordings is a Boston based independent record label focused on cutting edge high quality electronic dance music.

This project is consisted of the entire branding process of the label, starting with the logo,continuing with the website and digital products - like album cover artworks, banners or slider images - and ending with social media awareness campaigns, social media customization across several platforms and promotional materials - such as flyers, t-shirts, posters.

Technologies used for this project: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, xHtml, HTML, CSS, Php, JavaScript, Ajax.

CMS for the website: Wordpress.
New School Recordings Website
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New School Recordings Website

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New School Recordings Website

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New School T-Shirt Design
Release Cover for "Poland" by Jake Shanahan
Release Cover for "Sun Down / Thunder Bringer" by Carl Nunes
Release Cover for "Catharsis" by Tyler Michaud
Release Cover for "Aire" by Carl Nunes & Jake Shanahan
Release Cover for "Paperchasing" by Tyler Michaud
Flyer and poster design for "New School Nights" event organized by Tyler Michaud at Rise Club Boston