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Trefecta e-bike branding

Perfection comes in threes

Client: Trefecta
Project: Brand strategy and identity
Services: Art direction, graphic design, web design, photography, video
Partners: Begin Amsterdam

With Trefecta, mobility pioneer Haiko Visser aimed to redefine e-mobility and shape an extreme category of vehicles. Introducing a ‘military grade’ e-bike, the company revolutionised the standards for personal mobility, providing a riding experience free from any constraints and customised to every need. Starting his journey with a blank canvas, Haiko challenged Sinc to ‘give shape to this brand and experience to be’.

Together with our partners from Begin Amsterdam, we crafted a strategy catering to three purposes or personas, being ‘extreme off-road’, ‘ultra luxury’ and ‘urban commute’. These personas, all reflected in and around Monaco at the famous French Riviera, only settle for the classiest and most sophisticated way in getting from A to B, now and in the future.

Staying true to the e-bike’s ultimate combination of power, function and design, we shaped an identity based on ‘the power of three’. This synergy was used throughout the identity, ranging from the character of the brand to the Trefecta name and marque, all together embodying the highest level of perfection. One could say trifecta chose us. In turn, we chose Trefecta. We developed a full range of communication materials (e.g. brand film, brochures, e-commerce platform), all to the ultra high standard and level of luxury matching both the bike and the developed strategy

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Trefecta e-bike branding


Trefecta e-bike branding