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    Purposeful fragmentation and agglomeration into an alternate whole.
The ability of succession can hinder the ability of progression, which in some cases can prove more valuable. After presenting near finished drawings, rather than sketches, the appearance of being machine-like and computer produced was visible. Without a doubt, high levels of technicality could be achieved without much effort. This was the result of training my right hand to draw for years and years. Precision and accuracy when laying down lines was evident. An experimental change was afoot. The next few drawings/ sketches were done using my left hand and purposefully used to doodle rather than draw or sketch. Letting my mind wander, this was more of an exercise for my subconscious. It was still difficult to draw as if I were still beginning or learning to draw. Without any thoughtful intention I automatically drew grids and aligned objects together within this two-dimensional space of a drawing pad. There was a constant struggle to manipulate my mind in order impede drawing architecturally.
Based off the drawings, the translation from two dimensional figures to three dimensional matter required a consciousness of material that could represent such a transfiguration while conforming to the physicality of time and space. Two different types of materials were used: one of rigidity and fluidity, at which that point in time would be a juxtaposition. 
As one to act and generate to create a conclusive result of seemingly completive qualities, this exercise allowed impulse and happenstance to become the driving forces. More of a diagram of forces, the models do show signs of structural qualities in non-normative ways