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    Masterthesis in Media and Interaction Design at FH Joanneum Graz, Austria. This Installation was exhibited at "Museum of Perception" Graz in Okto… Read More
    Masterthesis in Media and Interaction Design at FH Joanneum Graz, Austria. This Installation was exhibited at "Museum of Perception" Graz in Oktober 2013. Read Less
Dance of Molecules
The aim of the practical masterthesis „Dance of molecules“ was to visualize dynamic systems - to immerse into the unrecognizable world of molecules - to create a spatial impression and to design an interactive version of the historical stereoscope.
For designing the stereoscopic content there was the question, which abstract pictures could be used to visualize the physical theories of chaos and entropy. These should appear comprehensible, aesthetic and impressive. It was my intention to achieve a deep intensity of immersion into the virtual world for the visitors. The images should thereby be generated interactively and in real time.
Especially considering the fact that for using the installation in a museum, it was important to ensure developing a cost-effective, easy to set up, stable and accessible construction.
The design of the project was as follows: In the stereoscopic representation a double pendulum can be seen, which has chaotic characteristics. The pendulum can be set into a swinging motion by the user. There is a swarm of particles which spatially tracks the movement of the pendulum and makes it visible from all sides of the pendulum. The three-dimensional representation of the swarm is going beyond the limits of the visual process and will make physical theories of entropy symbolically visible. This is a fundamental thermodynamically reversible condition and a measure of the number of specific ways in which a system may be arranged. When looking at the visualizations a meta-level of reality is recognized and the perception and capacity for experience of the visitors is addressed.
In the end, I developed an interactive media installation, which was exhibited and presented to public over two weeks at the „Museum of Perception“ in Graz. The visitors were able to share their impressions by filling out a questionnaire, which was useful for the evaluation of my work.
Masterthesis in Media and Interaction Design
FH Joanneum Graz, Austria
Music by Atra Aeterna - Machinations - "Monolithium"

Technical Informations:
All software is written in Java based on the Processing-library.
Movement is captured with a Gyroscope-Sensor MPU-6050 via Arduino. Stereo Library byAngus Forbes https://github.com/CreativeCodingLab/stereo
Implemented Code form Openprocessing.org:
Selected for the open:output award 2014