Calypso Trading Co.
Branding & Packaging
‘Work hard, play hard’ is a phrase that bankers, lawyers and doctors know all too well. The Calypso Trading Company has been created to define and brand what it means to ‘play hard.’ It does this by capitalizing on the opportunities nautical lifestyle offers and sellinga belief system the target audience can align themselves with. These high profile professionals are looking for a brand that can offer them the functionalityof new products but also the value and character associated with aged ones. The vintage style of Calypso appeals to the audience’s well-educated side and appreciation for well-made, hand crafted goods. Once the company has established brand recognition, new seasonal product lines will then be introduced. These lines will differ in style but remain true to the brand, such as the ‘Destination: St. Tropez’ Cruise Collection. So say hello to the new luxury of nautical and be prepared to play hard and perhaps even get a little wet.