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Standard Equipment
Gentlemen's Grooming Gear
I connect personally with things that are time tested and past down from generation to generation. So when posed with the problem of developing packaging for something unique, I took the opportunity to package something I actually use. Safety Razors, Badger Brushes, Thick Foaming Soap, and Double Edged Razors are the basic elements of men's grooming products. These products set the standard for the further development of the products we use in modern day (I personally think they had it right to begin with). 
Out of this since of standard came my concept: going back to the basics and setting a standard. I feel that through the ages it has been proven that men are standard setters and each generation has its examples. This inspirational take on something so basic is interesting and something men can relate with. Standard has become an aspiration instead of something average. 
I had a lot of fun putting this together. 
I hope you enjoy viewing, and please feel free to comment.
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