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    Location: Southwest Waterfront of DC, Potomac River

"C h i l d r e n ' s  u s e u m  i n  a s h i n g t o n  D C "

This project is located in the Southwest Waterfront of DC, US.
The main idea was to developed a Children's Museum right next to the Potomac River, due to the absence of it in the capital of the US.
The design tries to generate a connection between kids and architecture.
The materiality expresses the importance of colors, reflections, lights, and diverse shapes. 
The museum principal "
functional" structure consists on three different floors. The Ground Floor hosts the restaurant and more public activities which opens up to a semi public piazza. The First and Second Floor contains a wide range of recreational games and rooms; also a Theater and Music Room are located on the upper floor.
Due to the orientation of the project, the main facade is "cover" or "protected" with perforated sliding panels. This objects can be moved during the day providing a diverse sense of light and colors inside the building. 
In the interior the main circulation flow is generated by ramp
s which surround a interior bamboo garden.
Project Location
Site Plan / Perspective Views
North Elevation
South Elevation
East Elevation
Longitudinal Section
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan
Longitudinal Section
Site Model
Photos of the physical model