Hello all, it has been a while since I have come to this site. I know I'm sure I've missed ALOT of great super fantastic artists' works. Well, to make up for it, I will let this new project (a first of many new things) as a 'I'm Sorry' for missing this site.

All of these shots were done by me. I first came into the realm of photography during my college years, which was not too long ago, the mid 2000s to be exact. My very first DSLR was a Sony A57. Attached to it, a serious piece of glass, a 24mm Carl Zeiss lens. With this combination, I was happily surprised how the camera handled & even more amazed at the lens, although, it IS a CARL ZEISS product, so one should not expect anything less than stellar from the bevy of lenses they have on their lineup.

Currently, I am hiatus from photography, even though to my shigrin, ALOT of missed opportunities have come and gone my way since I started my hiatus. To be honest, I am waiting for the new lineup of A-mount cameras coming from Sony next year. I am FIRM believer in Sony and what their lineup of Sony Alpha/DSLR line has achieved in the past several years. I belive that Sony WILL surpass Canon & Nikon within the next couple years...and I TRULY believe that. I mean, look at their new lineup of cameras from earlier this year and yet to come a month or two from now. Sony has SERIOUSLY invested their time in making the best lineup of Cameras to be DIRECT competition with Canon & Nikon...and Sony is gaining ground CONSTANTLY.

Anyway...here are the pictures below from the first half of the year. Hope you like.