Pictures of people, places, things (and other nouns)
People, Places, Things (and other nouns)
or How I Spent an Afternoon in Downtown Lake Charles
I'm a huge fan of Magnum Photos, especially their photographs of regular people going about their daily business. And while I haven't had the opportunity to steal a shot of a French girl in half-dress from across a Parisian balcony I make due in my little hometown.

Below are some pictures from my first outing.

I Should Buy A Boat!
I'd Rather Be...Oh, Wait, Nevermind.
Hear Any Good Jokes Lately?

We Need To Discuss A Few Things...

Who's In Charge Here?
Kids & A Mule

As A Matter Of Fact, I Am Much, Much Cooler Than You

Dudes...Kickin' It
Smoke-Monster Devon