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About Google Goggles
Google Goggles -- it lets you search the web using photos that you've taken on your mobile phone it's a type of visual search. Snap a picture and then let Google's algorithms do the search to find out what is this picture , googl goggles works as a bar code /qr code scanner  it let you search in a different ways  you usually search by entiring letters and words but now  with google goggles u can search by  photos !!!  It can recognize up to three items at a time. 
google goggels is a widespread and available in any place connected to the internet. anyone can use it anywhere and anytime. Basically this application targeting the users who concered to have a smart phones and they're keen to upload any new application.as well as is targeting people who likes to know everything,as they can search for anythig they want in the way to know an enough information which can be provided by google goggels, and it can be very inte resting to the travellers.