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2021 is the year of Dante Alighieri. Celebrating 700 years from the death of the author of the Divina Commedia, the basic text of the Italian language and consequently taken as a symbol of the unity of our country.
We have decided to pay homage to the most iconic work of ours literature (if not world literature) by making an object of unique design which is the very representation of the Commedia.

We present Funnhell, the funnel of hell.
The naming is a perfect homage to Dante's immortal work. The union, more unique than rare, between the word funnel  and the word hell allows us to place ourselves on the market in an absolutely perfect way, with a strong positioning and "pop". We have studied an absolutely minimal, very clean logo. This is to avoid engulfing the communicative space of the object itself.
The most complex part of Dante's work is the incredible labyrinth that is hell. We have tried to create a real design object from this infinity of bolge and gironi.

Here a graphic simplification of the complexity of the circles of hell

We then began to work in 3D to create the right funnel model
 that would allow us to retrace Dante's path.

A simple, easy-to-read UV map that was a simple summary 
of the complexity of Dante's infernal structure
And then we made the final model!
Therefore we decided to use Gravity Sketch to understand the real dimensions and see if the mapping was correct and legible. Our goal is to make a finished product.

And here is our first prototype 3D printing!
And a pack maybe?
At the moment Funnhell remains a prototype. We are looking for a partner who want to turn it into a true design icon!


"...e uscimmo a riveder le stelle"


Funnhell is the kitchen funnel inspired by Dante: the poet himself had represented hell like a funnel. Why don't finally give it one three-dimens Read More