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    Home of the CNJ, digital & web design agency.
CNJ logo symbolizes a diversity of its team members who, when joined together, form integrity in one simple shape. Using wood as a primary material, I avoided the sterile feel of the website. Wood also delivers warmth and a general feel of youthness without loosing its credibility and precission.
I didn't want to go down the usual road of website personalisation by using photography. So I asked each team member to pick a symbol or a shape that she / he can relate to. I also asked team members to specify their own favourtie color. At the end I refined the symbols and picked a suitable color pallete that differed but did not negate the primary choice that team members picked.
Shapes were deliberately given small imperfections so that they looked authentic and hand made - craftmanship.
Inspired by scandinavian wooden toys, I made a 3D model of the figure.
The rest of the website was kept in a clean manner using warm color pallete, ample space between segments and a simple usability.