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Pendant lamp Bavovna | PAPER COLLECTION
Pendant lamp Bavovna | PAPER COLLECTION

Paper collection - a collection of lamps and
sculptural panels. Made of recycled paper
used papier mache technique. Due to the
properties of the material, all products are very
durable and elastic, but they are very
lightweight, allowing them to be placed on any
wall surface and ceiling.

Designed by: Yulia Yalanzhi
Produced by: Yalanzhi Objects
Download: 3d models & Press kit & Catalog
Photos: Yulia Yalanzhi
Visualizations: Kateryna Tupalenko

Pendant lamp Bavovna L

Size: W 780mm, L 1670mm, H 300mm
Weight: 5kg
Number of lights: 9
Bulb base: 1 * E27 (max 30W)
Pendant lamp Bavovna S

Size: W 800mm, L 500mm, H 180mm
Weight: 2kg
Number of lights: 3
Bulb base: 3 * E27 (max 30W)
Eco-friendly paints from the English manufacturer Little Greene are used for painting the products. It is also possible to paint in
individual colors at the request of the customer. Thanks to the wear-resistant properties of the paint, the care of the products is simple
enough: remove dust, if necessary, wipe with a damp sponge.

The fittings and the cord of the luminaires are available in three colors: black, white, gray.
Pendant lamp Bavovna | PAPER COLLECTION

Pendant lamp Bavovna | PAPER COLLECTION


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