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    In early 2013, I went into a one-month stay in Greenland, sharing life with some of its inhabitants, up to the northernmost settlements. A trip from 67° to 77° parallel on the way up to Qaanaaq, after a year and a half of preparation, with the aim to highlight the current mutations.

    From the front-row seats the country undergoes the effects of climate changes, and witnesses deep transformation of the society since the latest decades: the modification of the environment thus operates along with a growing openness to “western" lifestyles and consumption habits. The questions that are raised in Greenland today go far beyond its borders.

    In some incredibly diverse landscapes, supermarkets and mobile phones come into Inuit culture, and skin-made traditional outfits are no longer used but at the very north for dogsledge trips. These strong and fast changes question society and identity, and divide the country's opinion as seen in the last elections: between the will to follow what seems to be the rail of History, and the feeling to be the people of the ice, melting away all the same.

    Allanngorpoq can be translated into "being transformed" from Greenlandic.
    More information: http://www.sebtix.com/en/allanngorpoq

    I want to sincerely thank all the people I had the chance and pleasure to met, and who made those moments so unforgettable: thanks so much! qujanassuaq!

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    Update: the book is now in process !
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