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Typographic Posters

Typographic Posters
Typographic posters is a collection of posters made during 2013 and 2015. This project involves the experimental use of typography through the use of lines, patterns and isometric perspective that generate a unique perceptual experience. Each of this posters represent a challenge to communicate with the only use of type. This work is deeply influenced by various characters such as the optical artists like Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley, Omar Rayo, Carlos Cruz Diez, and on the other hand, designers like Muller-Brockmann, Wolfgang Weingart, Niklaus Troxler, Isidro Ferrer or Felix Beltran.
Typographic posters are a perceptual experience related to how vision functions. As the Op Art, this project is based in two primary ways. The first, and best known method, is the creation of effects through the use of pattern and line. Another reaction that occurs is that the lines create after images of certain colours due to how the retina receives and processes light.
Typographic Posters just recently won the A' Design Award & Competition
in Italy in Graphics and Visual Communication Design.
1. Poster to celebrate 40th Anniversary of Felix Beltran
2. Poster to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Gestalt Institute. Ver. Mex.
3. AC Poster | Andrés Calamaro. Personal project.
4. Poster for the German Design Award. Frankfurt
5. Image for the RGB mag. Mex.
6. Image for the RGB mag. Mex.
7. Poster for the #365TypeRounds project on Instagram.
8. Poster to celebrate 40th Anniversary of Felix Beltran (side_b)
9. Poster to protest over missing 43 students in Mexico. 2014
10. Poster for de design conference Passion & Design V Puebla, México 2014.
11. The Lucky One project is a Silkscreen poster made for The Druck Berlin Screenprint Festival 2015.
12. Julian Carillo's Thirteen Sound. Interpretation.
Typographic Posters

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Typographic Posters

Typographic posters is a collection of posters that I made ​​during 2013 - 2015. These posters were commissioned by friends for different reasons Read More