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Infrared Heat Lamps with R7s base
All kinds of halogen heater lamps, including infrared heat lamps for industrial process, ruby slim heater lamps, Ruby jacket halogen heater lamps, Helen (gold) lamps for heater and gold reflector heater lamps( single tube and twn tube).
IR ray is a kind of electromagnetic wave. It transmits energy at the speed of light. The energy from the sun mostly transmits by it. In spectral distributions, the wavelength is from 0.76um to 1000um. It can be divided into shortwave ( 0.76-1.4um), medium wave( 1.4-3.0um ). And long wave ( 3-1000um).

The advantage of infrared heating lamps. 
- Over-long life
- Immediate heat up and cool down
- Maximum efficiency in heating
- Extremely density of power output
- Compact size of pyrotoxin
- Perfect suited IR ray Spectrum
- Unusual mechanical intensity and waterproof capability
- High efficient reflected coating
- Be made of the quartz glass which has a capacity of best IR ray permeation
- Save on power and protect environment

The applications of infrared heating lamps 
We mainly manufactures teh shortwave and medium wave Quartz IR heating lamps
Our experts can design the different IR lamps according to the character of heated object and the customer's need. The spectral distribution of the lamps can be exactly control as adopting special manufacturing craft work. It can be widely used as follows:
1. Paint drying in tunnels and body shops.
2. Blowing of PETP bottles.
3. Plastic thermoforming
4. Heating of Food and keeping it warm
5. Paper drying in paper mills.
6. Drying of lacquer, printing inks
7. Pre-heating of wood prior to lacquering
8. Heat sterilization
9. Softening, melting of plastic 
10. Microwave furnace
11. Metalworking
12. Medical treatment, printing, textile etc.

Infrared Heat Lamps with R7s base

HS375T3/7120V 375W217.60127.0CLEAR
HS500T3/7120V 500W217.60127.0CLEAR
HS1600T3/7240V 1600W498.60406.0CLEAR
HS2500T3/7480V 2500W730.0635.0CLEAR
HS13169R235V 500W220.60165.0CLEAR
HS13908R230V 300W117.660.0CLEAR
Infrared Heat Lamps with R7s base

Infrared Heat Lamps with R7s base


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