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Where a kid can be a kid - NFT (1 of 1)
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This digital collage was animated in Adobe Photoshop and minted as a one-of-a-kind NFT (Non-fungible token). This image is pulled from a short synopsis that I wrote, intermixed with some extra details to bring it to life. 

To learn more about this piece of digital art please visit here.

Eventually, when the pandemic lifts, I believe that arcade-style birthday parties will experience a renaissance.

Catch the rocket shuttle to the Chuck E. Cheese Entertainment Terminal. Enjoy our delicious 34% organic pizza. Then supercharge your toddlers with plastic shot glasses of Mountain Dew, before unleashing them into a Thunderdome of cooties.

Sticky fingers dropping golden tokens one by one in a quest to "beat the high score" for the shot at a refurbished plastic harmonica.

Warning: some animatronic entertainment may be self-aware. Legal waivers insulate share holders from all forms of litigation. Enjoy.
Where a kid can be a kid - NFT (1 of 1)
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Adam Jarvis