Warhammer Online - Launch Website
2008 - EA Mythic
My first major project when joining EA Mythic in 2008 was a complete overhaul and redesign of the website for their upcoming game Warhammer Online. After quite a few back and forth sessiosn with the marketing team, this was the final design for our launch. I used as many in-game assets from the game (UI, textures, etc) to help bring life to the webiste. I wanted you to still feel attached to the game, even when not in it. The basic elements of this design where then used on all web based promotions and marketing and also for the games patcher.
The site is broken into 3 major sections. Home, which houses all the marketing assets for the game. Latest press releases, screenshots, videos, etc etc. The Herald section is the community blog area, keeping the players up to date with patch notes, server issues and more. Realm War is the stats section of the website allowing players to log in and check the status of their characters, guilds, the status of key PVP locations in the game and more.
Along with being responsible for the design of the website, I was also in charge of all the front-end development on the project as well. Coding up all three sections of the website with standards compliant XHTML + CSS. After these were coded, it was handed off to our web developer (yep, two person team) who handled coding up the Java backend, hooking into the games data for the Realm War section as well as the custom coded Herald backend for our community team to blog from. One last key piece I wanted to add to this (and all Mythic websites) was a global navigation bar. With this you could easily access all of the Mythic websites as well as the account center for players.
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Realm War
Character Profile
Guild Profile
Leaderboards - Breakdown
Realm vs. Realm status