A model of the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover.
This model was produced from scratch using 3d Studio Max in just 4 days, using a handful of reference photos gathered during a vist to NASA JPL. The model is part of a project to produce a more detailed public domain model than NASA's own, which hopefully was successful.
The model is animated and displays animations of:
- 'Waking up'
- The movement of the six wheels
- Sample Processing and Handling (SA/PaH) subsystem robotic arm movement
- Powder acquisition Drill System (PADS) sampling the terrain
- ChemCam laser sampling a rock
- Movement of the Mast Head
- High Gain Antenna rotation
The model is available for download on iOS using emersio, the augmented reality app from Wirth Research for the iPhone and iPad. The above image is available as a downloadable, high resolution wallpaper for your device through emersio. This image is also displayed on www2.emersio.com.