Naturaleza Muerta/Still Life
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    Drawing project around the critical posibilities of the habitualy tame genre of the Still Life
Project description/Concept (you dont have to read this, of course):
In spanish there are two diferent words for the still life genre: one is "bodegón" and the other naturaleza muerta;which roghly transaltes to Dead Nature.This last term, Naturaleza Muerta, has always struck me as an odly dramatic and strong word choice for paintings of flower arrangements, shinny pots and the ocasional skull. So this is an attempt at exploiting the critical and more dramatic posibilities of the genre. The main posibility Ive been exploring is the use of stil lifes as a medium for the critique of the neo-liberal system that orders our political landscape. Specialy the interactions it's had with the culture of my country Colombia, the criminal and or political elements that neo liberalismo has come in contact with. etc.
With its almost tactile visual nature, the genre has always been a medium for the exhibition of riches and posesions.
Graphite pencils on paper.
Project in vew for the duration of ArtBo art Fair in Bogotá.
Note: For this series I use a diferent type of numbering 1.3, 1.4, etc. I do this mainly because Im hoping that just as software this series can continue evolving and changing for some time. And every iteration can be very similar or very diferent from previous ones.
Title: Naturaleza muerta con persona (Naturaleza muerta 1.9) /Still life with person
Size: 21.5cmx28cm
Year: 2013
Title: Naturaleza muerta con bodegón (Naturaleza Muerta 1.6)/Sitll life with Still life
Size: 42cm x 30,5cm
Year: 2013
Title:Naturaleza muerta con ex mandatario (Naturaleza Muerta 1.5)/Still Life with ex-mandatary
Size: 34.5cm x 23,5cm
Year: 2013
Title: Naturaleza muerta con libertad positiva (Naturaleza Muerta 1.7)/ Still Life With Positive Liberty
Size: 24.8cm x 18,5cm
Year: 2013
Title: Caiman matera (Naturaleza Muerta 1.3)
Size: 24cm x 33cm
Year: 2013
Title: Tiburón matera (Naturaleza Muerta 1.4)
Size: 24cm x 33cm
Year: 2013
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