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    The Market Estate Project London, UK 2010
Penique productions participated in the Market State Project: an initiative that arose in response to the imminent demolition of the Market State residential complex. During the day, 60 artists working in various disciplines were offered space to participate in a group exhibit. In this unrivalled setting, Penique productions presented the 18 Clocktower Place, a piece that completely invades one of the apartments.
Beneath the installation’s uniform colour and texture, it was possible to make out the shapes of the spaces and furniture inside the six rooms.
Penique productions participa en el Market State Project: una iniciativa que surge ante la inminente demolición del conjunto habitacional Market State. Durante un día se ofrecen espacios a más de 60 artistas de múltiples disciplinas para una muestra colectiva. En este inmejorable escenario Penique productions presenta la obra 18 Clocktower Place con la que invade por completo uno de los apartamentos.
Las formas del espacio y el mobiliario de las seis estancias se reconocen bajo el color y la textura uniformes de la instalación. 
London, UK
The Market Estate Project invited 75 artists and designers to work alongside residents of soon to be demolished housing estate, in Islington London, transforming the flats left behind, corridors, staircases and building facades and transform the building into a creative celebration, a colourful and rich last memory of the estate.
More than 2500 people attended the event on 6 March 2010 which invited the public to explore the art works created on site, just before the demolition bulldozers move in.
This is the work by Penique productions.