ACLC College of General Santos City
This is one of the first websitesdeveloped and hosted by Skeptron Biz.  It is a dynamic website that hasthe following features:
   (1) Flash Slideshow - of photos on the homepage
   (2) On-line Chat -  enables registered users to chat their messages, questions and suggestions
   (3) Interactive events calendar - allows24/7 posting and viewers to comment
   (4) Interactive photo gallery - allowsuploading of photos and  comments on photos
   (5) Interactive video gallery - allowsuploading of videos and  comments on videos
   (6) e-Jobs - allows registered users to post jobs or view job vacancies
   (7) Downloads - enables registered users to download files
   (8) Poll/Survey modules
   (9) Log-in Module
   (10) Visitors Counter and Who's Online Feature