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    Black and white photos of hand gestures during prayer.
Photographs of hand gestures during prayers at a Christian conference. Notice how the tension in the hands differs based on whether the person is praying (active) or listening to someone else praying (passive).
Glasses removed. Unknown if active or passive.
Hands gripped tight. Active.
Hands twisting, wrenching. Active. Second pairs of hands, playing with wedding band. Passive.
Glasses removed. Hands pressed tight between knees. Unknown if active or passive.
Hand curled tight into neck. Unknown.
Hand touching shoulder of person prayed for. Active.
Fingertips touching. Unknown.
Hand clasping arm. Passive. 
Hands gripping chair. Active.
Hands folded. Passive.
Hands folded. Passive.
Head resting in hands. Unknown.
Hands gripping chair. Solitary prayer. Active.