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    Tea labels for a traditional, natural product "Sumadija caj" / "Sumadija tea"
Šumadija (Serbian Cyrillic: Шумадија, pronounced [ʃumǎdija]) is a geographical region  Serbia commonly known for its forests and natural treasures. Some of these treasures, like medicinal herbs have been used throughout centuries by many generations and are proven to be very successful when it comes to treating many illneses and improving immunity. The herbs are mostly used to cook tea. Unfortunately, today their imortance is a little forgotten, considering the development of modern medicine. This project is a reminder of this traditional, natural product in a more attractive, fun package.
Logo inspiration: shape of a teapot combined with minimized cyrillic  typography and geometric shapes that are parts of Serbian tradional clothing, and also appear on rugs and table cloths
Each of the shapes on the labels represent significant parts of these herbs: Konjorep (Common Horsetail), Majcina Dusica (Wild Thyme), Hajducka trava (Yarrow) and Uva (Bearberry)