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Odd Portfolio Illustrations

It started back on college, when we have a portfolio requirement. I’ve done several studies of the look and style of my portfolio. Basically, the main concern was categorizing the numerous works I have done. Its important in every portfolio to present it not only in a proper way but also in a creative manner. That’s when the creation of the surreal characters began. I used this odd drawings to represent each chapter of my portfolio. These artworks were inspired by my different roles in real life: As an Artist and as an individual.
1. The Loving Sibling

Well, according to my sister, I’m a home buddy and kind sibling but sometimes stubborn too. I knew how to listen to their problems and very helpful at all times. This is the first chapter on my portfolio wherein you can find artworks I have for my family.
Chapter 2: The Keeper, the Friend

I can say that even though I’ve got few friends, those friends were truly treasured and kept like a gold. You can find some artworks here for my friends.
Chapter 3: The Dreamer

Everyone of us has a dream. My first love is painting and I dreamed of being a great painter when I was a kid. This dream kept on bugging me every time. I know one day I will be that person I’m dreaming of. This star will never ever die until it served its purpose to shine in the universe. In this chapter, you will find my drawing and painting activities.
Chapter 4: The Free Lover

What does it mean to be human? Loving and hating; two important things to feel you’re human. You’ll be able to feel the wonder of loving, if you’ve been hurt and hate before. Many have said, if you know how to love, you must also know how to let go. Real love is not selfish, so always prepare to set it free and to let it grow. You’ll see some works about love in this chapter.
Chapter 5. The Steward of the Land

Where there is love for your country, there is hope for everybody. Where there is love for the nature, there is a better place for everybody. In this chapter, I gathered all of my contest pieces about Youth, Nature, Growth, Success, Democracy and Positive changes in the society.
Chapter 6. The Lost Christian

Everybody is a sinner and have at least lost in their lives spiritually. I consider myself lost but at least I’m trying to put some good directions. Its not easy to travel into that path but its not too late to anybody who believes in Him. In this chapter, you will find the works I’ve done for my local church to glorify God’s name.
Chapter 7. The Insomniac Jack

Multimedia artists were equipped with a lot of knowledge at skills in Graphic design, Web & Interactive Design, 3d & 2d animation, Motion Graphics, Videography, Directing & Editing, Photography and Manipulation, Marketing & Advertising, Drawing & Painting. That’s why were like Jack-of-all-trades, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have specialties. I’m a restless person and enjoys work that’s full of creativity. In this chapter, you’ll find a collection of works in multimedia arts.
Chapter 8. The Inner god

As an person, you have that inner self that needs to be praised and served also. Love and know yourself better and you’ll find the real purpose of your life. You’ll find some personal drawings in this chapter.
Well, that’s about the different roles in my life that I have used to categorize my portfolio. Everybody has its own different roles and stories in their lives, and above are all that matters to me.

Odd Portfolio Illustrations

Odd Portfolio Illustrations

Programs used: Traditional Media, Photoshop A compilation of illustration for The Odd Portfolio