The challenge for this project was to match the voice and tone of Nike
 with a new approach to its storytelling.

Right off the bat, we had a clear idea of what to do: 
to express the conflict between runner and city.

The concept we worked from was: what if the romantic names of US cities
 were actually cautionary tales about what it means to live in them?​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​

From that point, we decided to go with three of the more well known romantic names in the US. 
LA, the city of angels; NY, the city that never sleeps, and Chicago, the windy city. 

We thought this selection represented both coasts of the US -and the Midwest- and,
 as a sample, it worked well enough to attract other cities that wanted to partner with Nike for upcoming campaigns.

The aim was to position Nike in this cities as the brand of choice for those that have been in this cities long enough to endure them, as well as to recognize their efforts and give them a sense of belonging; a sense that it's worth it. 



Este proyecto ha sido creado en Zinkproject, Máster en Creatividad Publicitaria,
 por Gabriel Rivas y David Casares.
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Gabriel Rivas