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    A campaign for SMART Link, a satellite phone service in the Philippines.
SMART Link "Why the Sea is Salty" Campaign
This is a campaign we did for a satellite phone service called SMART LInk. The brief tasked us to communicate specifically to families of seafarers. Here in the Philippines, seafarers work in ships for months which means they don't get to talk to or see their families for a very long time. Because the situation is already very sad and serious, we decided to take the more lighthearted route.
The Legend of the Sea

A long time ago
everytime sailors went out to sea
they would spend ages
without seeing their loved ones.
They were lonely.
So lonely that they cried and cried and cried
until the ocean was filled with their tears.
Before the sea becomes too salty,
make sure they always have 
SMART Link satellite phone!
Direct Mail

The Direct Mail component was an actual storybook, sent to families of seafarers. Here are a few pages of the storybook.
The SMART Link campaign proved to be both effective and creative winning best animation and best copy in 2007 Advertising Congress Awards. The TVC was also featured in Lürzer's Archive. 

CCO: Merlee Jayme
ECD: Eugene Demata
CD/Copy: Jerry Hizon
Art: Herbert Hernandez
Copy: EJ Galang
FA: Allan Montayre