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Fantastic world of fluorescent corals
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    Magnificent world of fluorescent corals under high magnification.
Ultra-macro photography of corals under full-spectrum light. All pictures are focus stacks.

These magnificent creatures look dull and colorless under white light, however, once they are exposed to natural spectrum they begin to shine with an entire rainbow of colors. This happens due to their fluorescent pigments. Fluorescence is required to create the right environment for theyr symbiotic algae.

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Goniopora coral. Larger image.
Acanthastra lordhowensis. Larger image.
Close-up of the revious image
Acropora coral. Larger image.
Favia speciosa
Maze coral. Whole image.
Rainbow Lobophyllia. Whole image.
Blastomussa. Larger image.
Blastomussa. Larger image.
Cyphastrea. Larger image.
Favites pentagona. Larger image.
Discosoma sp. Larger image.
Platygyra acuta. Larger image.
Euphyllia ancora. Larger image.
Acanthastra lordhowensis. Whole image.
Rainbow platygyra. Larger image.
Turbinaria peltata. Larger image.
Pocilipora damicornis. Larger image