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    House in Mendoza, Argentina.
" H o u s e  i n   M e n d o z a ,  A r g e n t i n a "
The project consisted on the design of a house, for a small family in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.
The main idea represents two volumes that are located generating an "L" shape. This disposition was given according to a certain design and orientation rules.
The house it is devided in two main areas or "Arms"; the private and the public one, which are respectively conected through the presence of a distributional hall.
The "public volume" hold the areas where daylight activities are carried out, such us living room, dining room, kitchen, studio, etc.; while the "private one" holds spaces such us dormitories, services, etc.
The total area of the lot is 1000 sqm, while the house area is 300 sqm. 
All the main spaces are connected by and external gallery that opens up to the garden, which actually has the best orientation and sun light. 
Floor Plan
Functional Floor Plan
Sections / Elevations