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    Honda GL 100 W engine Owner : M yusuf Adib Mustofa Engine : Semangat Putra Motor Purwokerto Paint : daeng custom illustrator : Adan F Maruciel
Behind the concept
Ha: Hana hurip wening suci  - the life is the will of the Most Holy
Ha - Na - Ca - Ra - Ka means there is a " messenger " that is alive messengers , such as breath jasat obliged to unite the human soul . It means there is trust , there is no one who believed and trusted to work . The third element is a God , man and man's obligation ( as creation ) .

Ha : Hana hurip wening suci - the life is the will of the Most Holy
Na : Nur candra, gaib candra, warsitaning candara - only human hope always to the divine light
Ca : Cipta wening, cipta mandulu, cipta dadi - direction and purpose to the All- Single
Ra : Rasaingsun handulusih - true love emerges from love conscience
Ka : Karsaningsun memayuhayuning bawana - directed desire for natural wellness

Love the people in this country without conditions
Until the agency conceived life
Look at the people continue to work
Painstakingly continue to build up
Reflect on their hearts
Then will you understand what it is Indonesia
Kill the DJ

" Your love for your country will be seen
in the works and deeds ,
also the fruit of your thinking to instinct
protect the country from foreign domination .
Because of the conscious and have gratitude
was born on top of their ground and drinking water
 self-esteem would not have the heart to sell his own country
for the sake of personal wealth .
Dare open gates inches only,
 You will see the worst results for you later . "
Guard Troops Home

Mula aja munafik kaya wong-wong politik
Dadia wong seni kritis peduli ro wong cilik

Body and frame created in Daeng Custom Mastery
Bandung Bondowoso project 4 days painting 
Engine created in Semangat Putra Motor Purwokerto
chroome in Rejal Jawa Chroome purwokerto

CHAPTER IV - Epilogue
JOGJAKARTA ( DP ) - Kustumfest 2013 (5-6 October) at Jogja Expo Center ( JEC ) , successfully held . Kustomfest 2013 brings collaboration performances of various kinds of custom works of Indonesia : Custom Motorcycle , Car Hot Rod , Custom Bike , Pedal Car , Body art , Die Cast , annual Work.Kontes Paint is not only ending up just like that . There are some participants who received penghargaan.Dan as Best of the Best Custom Motorcycle Honda GL 2013 disabet by 100 . This motorcycle dikustom a Cafe Racer and builder owned by M Yusuf Mustafa Adib from Purwokerto , Central Java . " I never thought I 'd won the champion Best of the Best , " I am Joseph .

" I also did not expect to win , but I am very happy. I spent Rp 50 million . "
Yusuf managed to turn a Honda GL 100 Cafe Racer beautiful and equivalent holding 600 cc engine , using 3 Block Head engine 200 cc Yamaha Mio belonging simultaneously. Assessment of the Honda GL 100 is not arbitrary , which includes ideas , concepts , detail , finishing touch , workmanship and able mengisipirasi . " When seen this motorcycle is simple , yet has the imagination and inspire those who see it , " said Lulut Wahyudi , Director Kustomfest 2013. [ dp / Ric ]
"A lot of the elements that make the custom bike show state-of-the art,
Your passion, sketch design, engineering, finishing and of course innovation.
If it is strong, your work can inspire others as well.
Including my presence here,
a lot of Indonesian works that inspire me, "
 Roland Sands

Honda GL 100 W engine 
owner : M yusuf Adib Mustofa
Engine : Semangat Putra Motor Purwokerto
Paint : Daeng Custom 
Illustrator : Adan F Maruciel
all photo taken and edited by : Adan F Maruciel