This is a collection of traditional artwork I have created over the years. These works are primarily studies of objects and people. I have explored several mediums and surfaces while creating these pieces.
Guitar Study: Ebony Pencil on Canson Paper
In this piece, I explore the different textures present in an acoutstic guitar. During my study of this instrument, I wanted to show the grain of the wood, the coils in the strings and how light reflected off of the different surfaces.
Einstein: Collage style piece using Guache and PrismaColor colored pencils on canvas board.

This piece visually highlights the career of Albert Einstein. I have included imagery related to his work in Physics and his Nobel Prize. Also included is a copy of his signature. He is pictured staring off into space, possible contemplating the universe.
Fruit Bowl: Ebony pencil on Tracing Paper
This was a speed study, sketched in under 60 seconds.
Steak: PrismaColor colored pencils on Bristol board
I wanted to highlight the various textures one may encounter while grilling a steak. Along with highlighting the textures, I wanted to make sure the steak still looked appetizing.
Nude: Charcoal on Newsprint
This was a long form figure study of a young woman posed on a hobby horse.
Blue Strawberries: PrismaColor Pastels on Canson Paper
This piece is a study on color and how we perceive our natural world. Since we can only see the color wavelengths being reflected back at us, it impossible to know any object's true color. With that in mind, strawberries could really be blue.
Shark Tooth: Ebony Pencil and PrismaColor colored pencils on dark grey Canson paper.
This is an enlargement study of a shark tooth. The actual tooth is roughly one inch long. I wanted to highlight the cracks and texture of the tooth while maintaining a small level of mystery and fear with the dark paper.
Autumn: Acrylic paint on Wood

This still life combines autumn leaves, a deer's antler and moose skull. This piece also includes strong lighting to highlight the muted colors and contrast of the objects.