PERFECT KNOT- explainer animation
PERFECT KNOT lets planners and clients connect in a new way. Bringing your event to life has never been easier.
PERFECT KNOT is a technology company that enables Planners to do business in a new way. Platform reaches thousands of unique individuals every day from wedding planners, corporate event planners, entrepreneurs, event rental companies, and of course their clients. PK invites you to share your stories with PK and let us know what we can do to help your business grow.

Style frames
Basically, they are just full-color pictures that visualize the main scenes of the video. They help a client to choose the style of the video.

Style frames allow a designer to focus on the client’s design expectations. To ensure we are aligned with the client’s vision, we create and present various options for the client to visualize.

Style Frames are important in the field of Motion Design because are the initial point to win a pitch in commercial projects. Even projects not related to advertising can be imagined from this initial point.
3D Animation

A great team goes beyond the sum of its components; its members must complement each other, enhancing their strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. Through the perfect combination of Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D :)

We decided to use Cinema 4d to get an effect that would not be possible in traditional 2d animation.


Frame-by-frame animation is a technique that creates the illusion of movement by making incremental changes between every keyframe. Frame-by-frame animation in Animate is similar to traditional hand-drawn cel animation where each drawing is on a separate sheet of paper, and it's just as tedious.

Procreate with its Animation Assist feature is easy enough to pick up for beginners, and deep enough for professionals to make serious motion masterpieces. Another plus is the easy-to-learn interface of Procreate’s Animation Assist. Based on the classic flip-style animation used by Disney, Miyazaki and Avery, Procreate utilizes a simple timeline and onion skinning to let you see multiple frames while you work. 

Extra GIFs

Some extra animations to make case study longer :))))

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PERFECT KNOT- explainer animation